Rosko was a renowned DJ. He was a radio philosopher and poet who delved into rock, soul, folk and jazz .

Rosko read poetry and conversed with his unseen listeners in almost fatherly monologues. He was the conscious of New York City and listeners remember Rosko as a voice of reason and defender of morality.

Rosko backed his convictions, with action, and often paid the price for his stands. At WOR-FM, in 1967, management decided to implement a highly restrictive format. Rosko didn’t agree, arguing responsibility to listeners.

He resigned, on air without warning and spoke for five minutes about why he was resigning, saying,

‘’When are we going to learn that controlling something does not take it out of the minds of people?’’

Bill Roscoe Mercer passed away on Tuesday 1 August 2000 in New York City, at 73.

Hear the man himself recite one of my favorite poems:  Desiderata: