There are 365 pieces of paradise scattered in the Caribbean , just off the coast of Panama: The San Blas Islands.

We set sail from the colonial pearl, Cartagena in the middle of the night and sailed precariously across the Ocean. You hear horror stories about this journey as it can be rough, but we were spared and cruised along.

At 6am on the third day, Sebastian, our laidback captain knocked on our cabin  “Hola Chicos-wake up!”

As I popped my sleepy head out of the hatch I was met by the most magical view I have ever seen. Dozens of tiny bright coloured islands.

No motorised vehicles or noisy jet-skis are allowed here and typically, on each island, lives one family who cares for its shores like it was their living room. The surrounding opal waters are velvety warm and full of weird and wonderful creatures, huge shells and wrecks from boats that were distracted and lost to its beauty.

We spent 3 days with a beautiful bunch of likeminded people, gently exploring this tropical archipelago. When it was time to return to land we were all filled with anxiety and desperation to stay.

On mainland, Panama City is capitalism on steroids and a harsh contrast to this simple yet picture perfect and unspoilt island world.


I pray that San Blas remains unchanged and that I get to see it just one more time from the deck of the gracious catamaran Zoe.